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Squares (w/Frame)

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Squares and Rectangless are designed to promote spatial observations while enjoying the sheer pleasure of creating bold and colorful designs. Each set employs a basic 6" increment used in various multiples to determine size. When a set is used with the frame provided, the challenge of filling the frame allows the potential for observations that are mathematical in character. (For example, it takes two of one size block to fill the same hole that filled by one of another block.) On a continuum of complexity, 'Squares' is more limited in size options, making it easier to use in filling the frame. 'Rectangles' provides a greater variety of design alternatives, is more challenging to fit the frame, and requires greater understanding of relative size.


31" x 31" Frame;

Includes 21 Blocks:

(16) 6" x 6";

(4) 12" x 12";

(1) 18" x 18";

Recommended Age:


3's & Up


Team Building


Gross Motor 2s-5s

Tools for Discovery


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