Why SafeSpace?

Our primary mission at SafeSpace Concepts, Inc. continues to be the design and production of high quality, developmentally appropriate products for use in early childhood environments.

SafeSpace began as a consulting resource for creation of early child care environments taking into account health, developmental and safety issues. In expanding the company, a combination of professional knowledge and consulting and durability from any products available in the field.

Our Equipment and custom designs are resident in children’s and science museums, libraries, hospitals, commercial playgrounds and child development centers throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Materials used in producing each piece of SafeSpace equipment are based on specific requirements of product function, age group and environmental requirements including indoor vs outdoor considerations. Structural integrity, comfort, shock absorption, and used.

All SafeSpace playground equipment is covered in Naugahyde by Uniroyal®; indoor equipment is covered in Spirit Millennium and outdoor playground equipment is covered with Stratford. Each meets specific requirements of the environment for which they are used and highly durable. The Velcro in our products is designed for high usage.

Our choice of materials for SafeSpace soft play equipment is the result of many years of research and product use. We look for high quality in all materials, and they are all produced in the USA.

Customer service remains a hallmark of our business. We strive to continue top quality control, on-time deliveries and responsiveness to customer needs. SafeSpace Concepts is a sole source provider and markets all products direct to users. By managing all aspects of the process, we can be more responsive and provide better value to customers.

Thank you for your interest.


SafeSpace Team