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Motion by Design

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This set is used to design pathways for objects to traverse. Primarily intended as an early science activity, it prsents a challenge to find a combination of tracks, tubes and just the right angles to take an object form a chosen starting point to end in the short, closed container. All parts attach to a 'Velcro Design Wall'.


10-piece set includes:

Tracks: (1) 18"; (1) 16"; (2) 12"; (1) 10"

Tubes: (1) 4"D x 14"L; (2) 3"D x 16"L (1) 3"D x 13"L; (1) 4"D x 7.5"L (one end closed)

Recommended Age:

3's & Up


Early Science


Gross Motor 2s-5s

Tools for Discovery


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